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April 2, 2009

talent show

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Hello! We are Alva and Hanna. Once a year we have a talent show on our school.  This year you can sing, dance, mime, read a poem, play an instrument, voodoo and tell a funny story. You can only have two performance from each class. Last year the winners was Alice,Selma and Nadja from blue three and Hanna Boquist but she dosent go in this school anymore. We have three performance in our class so we are going to have a event. we are going to compete in the event. Alva & Hanna


                          Alva                                and                 Hanna


hello from fredrik( the best) & anders( the second best)

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Have you play World of Warcraft?

It´s a funny online game. 10 miljon persons are playing it.

You start in level 1 and you have too leveling up to level 80

Too level 80 can can take 1-3 years

I (fredrik) got a 65-70 paladin and a 66 Death Knight and Anders got a 70 Death Knight.

 Bye Bye from sweden

March 31, 2009

Julia and Elsa

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We are Julia and Elsa in Blue 6. Today we had PE. It was very funny!! We played floorball and range (it is a runing game). We are traning floorball because we have a floorballcup 14 April. What have you done on your PE?

From Julia and Elsa=D                                                                           

March 27, 2009


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Hello! This is Amanda and Josefine. In our class we have music on friday mornings. On the music we play instruments and sings. Do you have music? What do you do on your music lessons?

 Pleace write back to us!!! From Blue 6 Ekenas.

March 24, 2009


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Hello my name is Susanna. Im sorry that we havent write for a long time now, we forgot our blog.  But now we are back and going to write much, i hope. In our class we have worked much with english verb. And also very much with the world.  This year we have got 2 new pupils in our class, their name is Rebecka and Martin.  So now we are 20 pupils in our class.  Right now we are working with our own work, so some are working with the house. Some are working with english and lots of more stuffs. The house is like a  “book”, we write diffrent chapters, and about the famliys that are living in that house. And we are both painting and writing to every chapter.   In our school they have built a new building, there is where we eat and we have our libery there, and 1 classroom, and last we have our textile craft there.  Where we had our dining room  before there we have the pricipals room, and the school nurse and  welfare officer. Our school We have PE 2 days at week, it on thuesdays and on thursdays. And on Thursdays it the pupils  that holding in the PE.  The funniest subject in school I think is PE and English.


A big Bug from Susanna


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In the last weeks we have  work  very  much on our CV  to the junior high school. We have saved money to a class tripp for 3 days. We almost got 30 000 swedish kr.  We got two new persons in our class  name are Martin and Rebecca. They are realy nice persons.. Soon we are goin to meat our new classes to Junior high school. Bye bye  Rickard.our class

April 11, 2008

The pupils choice.

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Every year we have a choice to choose different subjekts to work with. We can work with what we want to. You can choose home economicks, gymnastiks, wood works, and more. we do it 6 times in a year.  if you were  here what chould you choose? Do you have pupil choose in your school?  I Richard have home economicks and i Fabian have wood works

April 9, 2008

Josefine and Julia

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  Hello !
Our name is Josefine and Julia. In our class we collect money to a class trip. We dont now were we going but we hope its good. We sell cookis and candy. We sell four differents cookis tin and one candy tin. We have got in about 6000-8000 sek.

Bye, Bye

From: Julia and Josefine            Blue 5 sweden

From Alfred and Anders

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This week we have read about cildrensworld. we have work in diffrents groups and Alfred have work with USA. there is a women who is helping children in USA her names is  Angnes stivens . And Anders have work with the grain and there is a girl her name is Amy Lloyd. Her mum have been physically abuse. The first participator is Peru and the other participator is USA and the therd is kambodja. In tuesday we will vote. Wi want vote on kambodja. wath you want to vote?

From freddan and oli !

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Hi we are frome blue 5 in sweden. We like to play soccer ball. We play in same team. And we like tacos. Do you play soccer ball ? Do you et tacos ?

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